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Custom Electro- Opto- Mechanical Systems Design and Prototyping

           Do you need a prototype of your device, or you are building an optical or electromechanical system, or you would like to have a portable setup to demonstrate your technologies? You are in the right place then. We specialize in creation of electro- opto- mechanical setups and prototypes for a wide variety of scientific, academical and business applications.

            Having developed a pioneering prototyping technology we build light, precise, durable and low cost setups meeting all the requirements given by our customers.

           For the three years on the prototyping market we finished dozens of projects for very different applications - optics, electro-mechanics, robotics, nuclear physics, avionics, medicine, MRI research, alternative fuel sources, telecommunications, sensor applications, automotive and construction industry, architecture, remote education , and even for the North American String Society. From the sanction of our customers, some of our projects are presented here in our portfolio.

            The most prototypes are made of custom laser cut acrylic components which makes them dielectric, diamagnetic and transparent for gamma rays. The multilayer structures, which we use, make the prototypes firm and stable.

            In our works we use some number of standard universal components which you can purchase in our web shop. To complete the prototype our experts will create and produce the custom parts to meet all your needs. If it is necessary, our electrical and IT design group will design and build advanced electrical, electromechanical and IT devices including FPGA and microprocessor systems.
            We consider prototyping an art. So we are very open to discussions. Give us a call, send us a message, visit us. There are lots of things which we could make easier for you.

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To purchase our production or if you have any questions or need some aditional information feel free to contact us by e-mail or the phone numbers listed below.

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