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Production / Single Photon Counter

Ultimate Sensors' single photon counter (SPC) is a unique device which combines a top level photon registration system (based on HAMAMATSU(R) photodetectors) and Ultimate Sensors' digital circuitry and control system. US' SPC is a portable hand-held unit with an LCD screen showing the measurement results.

US' Single Photon Counter allows you to register and count single photons in 1 sec, 10 sec or external (user defined) time window. The device has standard fiber input, BNC input for external counting window.

The measurement for 1 sec and 10 sec regimes starts by the "Start" button. Or in case of "Extermal window" regime choosen, the photons are counted inside the first full external impulse.

The results for external window regime are stored separately.


To purchase our production please visit our Internet-Shop. If you have any questions or need some aditional information feel free to contact us by e-mail or the phone numbers listed below.

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