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"Paganini". Robotic system demonstrating the heat distribution and the dependence of the sound power on the triad - rosin, bow and string. (North American String Society)

            This is on of our most interesting projects. We were happy to participate in the demonstration of the recent research made in the area of string manufacturing.

            To put it into simple words, we were asked to make a real time thermo image of the region where the bow touches the string while violin was playing and measure the temperature of the string in the point of the contact. From the beginning it came obvious that it should be a robotic system because of the following considerations. It is impossible to make a violinist keep the bow in the particular precise point while playing. Secondly, the bow blocks the string from the camera and the only way to see the contact region is from the behind. And finally, the violinist would emit infrared spectra him- or herself. 

            So we designed a robotic electro- opto- mechanical system. Another important moment was that the violin we used was rare and expensive and it should stay completely intact.

          The setup consists of the three main parts- optical, mechanical, and electrical. The optical part consists of the FLIR thermo vision camera integrated into the special periscopic gold covered mirror system (to reflect infrared spectra) which allows the observer to see the contact region from side and from behind of the string. The mechanical part moves the bow the way most close to the real moves of a violinist (slowing down in end points) - this is actually the reason why we took a decision to use the crank mechanism instead of a linear actuator. The electrical part measures the power of the sound and shows the sound spectra on the oscilloscope.
            The setup was shown on the annual North American String Society Meeting in Boston in October 2006.

 Standard components used:
1. 11"11 dielectric optical breadboard - 4.
2. 11"3   dielectric optical breadboard - 2.
3. 90x45 mount - 2.
4. Breadboard connectors -  6.

Custom components designed:
1. L-shape dielectric optical breadboard - 1.
2. Set of violin holders (4 peaces) - 1.
3. Bow holder mechanism (Paganini hand) - 1.
4. Crank mechanism with the directing posts(4) and sliding bearing - 1.
5. Motor holder - 1.
6. 4" spacer posts - 4.
7. Monitor stand - 1.
8. Camera holder - 1.
9. Adjustable periscope - 1.
10. Mirror holders - 3.
11. Adjustable arm for the main mirror.
12. Frame rail set (4 peaces) - 1.

The project finished in : 27 days


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