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Video inspection system. (Image Enhancement Technologies)
            We were involved into creation of a unique fluorescent based technology allowing neuro-surgeons to clearly see the cancer affected cells in human brain.

            The idea of the fluorescent detection use in cancer diagnosis is the following. Before the observation or a surgery a patient is being injected with a special harmless fluorescent material (tetracycline for instance) which accumulates in the cancer cells. The cancer cells have metabolism sometimes 1000 times faster then regular cells - this is why the fluorescent marker is accumulated in those in way higher concentrations then in everywhere else. So being exposed to the ultraviolet light the cancer cells would emit fluorescent light and this is the way how they could be easily determined. Ultraviolet delivers a lot of power and this is why in this technology it is used only as regular extremely short pulses. The fluorescent picture is optically superimposed with the real picture and injected to the operational microscope allowing the surgeon to see the cancer cells during the operation. We designed the optical system for this project.

      Here is the prototype which was used to demonstrate the fluorescent qualities of different fluorescent materials while those are illuminated by different wavelengths or their combinations.      

Standard components used:
1. 11"11 dielectric optical breadboard - 1.
2. 2" C-Mount holders - 4.
3. C-Mount LED light sources - 4.
4. Power drivers for the light sources - 4.

Custom components designed:
1. Camera holder - 1.
2. Tripod for the camera holder with 2" vertical adjustment - 1.
3. Inspection plate - 1.
4. Video processor holder - 1.

The project finished in : 7 days


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