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Gamma-Ray Scattering Registration System. (Brookhaven National Lab)  

           In the scope of one of Homeland Security research projects, the Radiation Detection Laboratory of BNL (Brookhaven national lab) was supposed to test some semiconductor material which being exposed to gamma radiation would emit light photons in the area where a gamma particle hits its surface.To register the emitted photons a cylindrical photomultiplier tube was to be used. The gamma ray was to be projected on the line where the cylindrical surface of the photomultiplier was touching the InP wafer. In the experiment the angle of incidence of the gamma ray was supposed to be measured and this line was supposed to be the precise axis of the rotation of the system.The photomultiplier was installed in the photon tight case to prevent any influence of external light on the results of the experiment.   

           Our technology allowed us to position precisely an extremely fragile wafer on the cylindrical surface of the photomultiplier tube, create a photon tight case for the photomultiplier and place it onto the goniometer so that the line of intersection of the wafer and the surface of the photomultiplier tube would be the axis of the rotation.

          To adjust the system a special target was created. To focus the gamma ray an variable led slit system was designed. The radiative sample was installed in C-mount  holder on a special 2d positioning device.


Standard components used:
1. 11"11 dielectric optical breadboard - 2.
2.  2" 2d positioning unit - 2.
3. 11" breadboard extension -1.     

Custom components designed:
1. Photon tight photomultiplier case - 1.
2. Vertically adjustable photomultiplier case holder - 1.
3. Goniometer - 1.
4. Adjustable led slit unit - 1.

The project finished in : 14 days



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