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Production / Optical Tables, Breadboards and Accessories

Working with optoelectronic systems we found it extremely usefull to have sub- or mini- optical breadboards which can be used as building blocks for final prototypes. This is how the idea of Ultimate Sensors' mini-optical tables came to life.

We were working on some electrooptical systems operating with high voltages. The problem of electrical insulation was a real big issue. The optical tables offered on the market were made of metal, the holders and rails we used were metal too. We took lots of efforts to solve that problem. For instance, we tried using special dielectrical plates and spacers, but the behaviour of the system was stil unstable and unpredictable because of the numbers of metal components. So this is how we came with the idea of Dielectrical Mini Optical Tables, Breadboards and Accessories.

Ultimate Sensors' Dielectrical Optical Breadboard is a layered structure fabricated in standards of professional optical tables, using the same period and screw size.

US' Dielectrical Optical Breadboards are designed so that being placed right next to each other the period of the holes are precisely preserved. (This is the concept of Optical Tiles offered by Ultimate Sensors).

The tables are available in different sizes and standards, including European metric standard. We also designed special adaptors to place metrical breadboard on inch-standard optical table and visa versa. It allows to use optical components of different standards in one setup.

We also offer a variety of inexpensive plastic optical posts, holders, sliders, rotary fixtures to make your designs light, cheap and portable, and to make the prototyping process fast, easy and fun.



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